The Georgia Tech Model United Nations Conference

13-14 October 2014

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary. Mahatma Gandhi


Award Criteria

GTMUN awards outstanding delegations, outstanding delegates, and outstanding cooperation following the final session of the conference. This is a way for the GTMUN staff to recognize the hard work, diligent preparation, and professionalism of those delegates who stand out during debate. These awards are not intended in any way to undermine the performances of other delegates. Bear in mind that GTMUN is not a competition, but rather an educational experience. The GTMUN conference’s goal is to bring delegates together in a spirit of compromise. Much like the United Nations, the organization exists for the betterment of all, and there are no winners or losers. GTMUN requires hard work and long hours from delegates before and during the conference, and therefore all delegates are commended for their successful participation.

Awards are given to students and delegations who attend GTMUN based on the following criteria:

* Presentation skills
* Speaking skills
* Creativity
* Overall knowledge
* Specific topic knowledge
* Specific knowledge of country represented
* Accuracy to county represented
* Negotiation skills (especially during caucuses)
* Courtesy to other delegates
* Knowledge of rules/procedure
* `Political’ ability
* Overall presence
* Position paper (accuracy and depth of knowledge)

Directors have the final say on which delegates from their committees get awards. Delegates are monitored during debates and caucuses. The ideal delegate is accurate and knowledgeable on both their country’s position on the topic and the UN. They should work to create resolutions that are a reasonable solution to the problem while remaining loyal to their country.

Delegation Awards:

George P. Burdell Cup (1) : Named after the Georgia Tech campus icon, this cup is given to the delegation that best represents their country through the duration of the conference. The delegates have a full understanding of their country’s stance on all issues at hand, and show these views in a diplomatic fashion. In addition, the delegates show the utmost respect for their fellow delegates in the committee.

Outstanding Delegation (2) : These delegations have shown outstanding preparation and debate skills throughout the conference.

Delegate Awards:

Outstanding Delegate (1 per committee) : This award is chosen by the Director and the Assistant Director in each committee and is given to the student that most embodies the spirit of the United Nations in all aspects of their behavior.

Honorable Mention (2 per committee) : These awards are at the discretion of the Director and Assistant Director and are given to students that have shown depth of knowledge of the topic and their country and have strived for cooperation throughout the conference.