The Georgia Tech Model United Nations Conference

13-14 October 2014

You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. Albert Einstein, (attributed)

Position Papers

The purpose of the position papers is to enable the delegates to engage in good substantive debate at the conference and to ensure that each delegate is fully familiar with their nation. These papers also allow delegates to learn the valuable skill of summary. Because there is a page limit (and font size limit) the delegates must organize all of their research and find the pieces that are the most important. It is important to be able to successfully incorporate one’s thoughts into written form during debate. Submission of a position paper will be a key factor in determining a delegate’s level of preparation for the purpose of selection for awards.

Each background guide provided by the GTMUN staff has a section (Committee Directive) that specifies where the Director would like the debate to focus. Substantively, the position paper should address the pertinent background information to the topic, the country’s stance on the issue, and specific proposals to resolve the problem

The requirements for the position papers are detailed below. The Directors will not read papers that do not conform to these guidelines. Part of the purpose of the papers is to allow the delegates to summarize the most important part of their research, it is not meant to serve as an exhaustive report.

When the staff reads the papers, they are looking for the following things:


Position papers are due 1 October at 6:00 pm, and are to be submitted online. Please sign in using the email address with which you submitted your application. Your password will be the same as your email address.

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